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Svast is committed to providing the most trusted, and unbiased healthcare and medical treatment options for patients around the world. We provide you with the best in advanced treatment at the price, wait time, and the highest quality of service to satisfy your individual needs. See some of our India medical treatments below; to find your specific treatment, click here.

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Prostate Cancer Treatment India


Cardiology Treatment in India


India Medical Treatment


Cardiology Treatment India

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Advantages of Seeking Medical Tourism Treatment

  • Internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies
  • Highly qualified physicians/surgeons and hospital support staff.
  • 60-80% lower care cost in India compared to domestic, private healthcare and medical treatment in the US and UK.
  • Fluent English-speaking staff, and trained interpreters/translators for other languages.
  • Additional concierge services including: dedicated staff, private rooms, translators, and private chef are available.
  • Patient services can easily be combined with a tourist package for a holiday/business trip.

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