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Cancer treatment relies on a number of factors including the type & stage, location of the cancerous cells, growth of the tumor, affected organs, age, gender and pre-existing medical conditions. Svast’s trained team of oncologists will assist you with the appropriate medical records sharing, consultations, and appointments, as well as the second opinion from one of our trusted cancer specialists.



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Providers, medical facilities, travel agents, translators, hotels, and insurance.



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Cancer Treatment Options


Breast Cancer

A variety of treatment plans and options for breast cancer patients to choose from. Decision such as surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy, and chemotherapy — can be overwhelming, Svast will help you along the way.


Brain Cancer

Whatever the cause, your treatment is number-one priority. Our team of physicians and surgeons will work with you to determine the appropriate plan and follow-up treatment to assist you in taking back your health.


Prostate Cancer

There is no “one size fits all” cure for prostate cancer and patients should be aware of the many treatment options available. Svast’s oncology team will assist you in making the right decisions now, and for your future.


Stomach Cancer

Thankfully, rates of stomach cancer have been falling worldwide. At Svast, we ensure that you are receiving best in advanced, high quality treatment and most technologically sound care to get you back to health.


Lung Cancer

Many lung cancer cases require a more detailed and complicated treatment plan. Our doctors will work with you to identify the stage, rate and location and select a treatment plan that best fits your particular situation.


Cervical Cancer

The good news is, cervical cancer is most successfully treated when found in its early stages. Our team of oncologists work with you to define and implement a treatment plan that takes you into consideration.




Svast Patient

” I was unable to walk or stand on my feet, so I came to India on a stretcher. I got there at 11 a.m. and the surgery was performed at 2 p.m. I was able to walk on my feet and take pictures at 7 p.m. while I was in the hospital. Thank you! “



Svast Patient

” I was sick with an acute pain in my colon and I decided to visit India, I came to Forits hospital where I received good care and started feeling better within 5 days. I am thankful for Mr. Abdulraheem, from Svast, who took care of everything inside and outside the hospital. I have never received better care. “



Svast Patient

” I had unbearable pain and was unable to walk. My son suggested I travel to India and we did. The Doctors were so kind, treated their patients well and looked after them with utmost humility in a way that I couldn’t describe or explain. Thank you Svast. “

Medical Travel Services

Stress-free, medical travel services to help you focus on your journey back to health!

Visa Services

Svast patient ambassadors are ready to assist you with obtaining the appropriate visas for your trip.

Air Ticketing

We partner with leading airlines and experienced travel agents to ensure a seamless journey.


Economical, safe, and reliable transportation services from the time you step off of the plane.

Medical Insurance

We stand with you throughout the journey and not just for an event.


Safe, clean and affordable hotels and accommodations available near all Svast hospitals.


Dedicated interpreters to assist you at all times for the duration of your treatment and recovery.

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