Nitin Mohandas VP, Middle East Sales

Nitin Mohandas is a Business Development professional with over 20 years of multi industry experience. His experience is spread across managing products & services, working in local & global markets, for startups & Fortune 500 brands. Nitin has been focusing on building Technology & Healthcare ecosystems over the past 10 years, and has achieved some satisfying accomplishments; such as leading Samsung Mobile to #1 in the Gulf, rolling out Mastercard Global Travel Visa Assistance Platform & getting the largest Healthcare Provider in the Middle East to choose a startup to build their healthcare technology backbone. He is passionate about the power of networks, leveraging global &; cross-industry synergies and how changing the status quo can be leveraged for a Win-Win. Nitin achieves balance through Sci-Fi movies, where technology IMPOSSIBLE today, could be POSSIBLE tomorrow!