Kunnummal Biju CEO and Co-Founder

Co-founder and CEO of Svast Inc. Kunnummal Biju (Biju) is an experienced entrepreneur growing global startups with demonstrated history of leadership in the cross-border trade, software, healthcare and legal industries. Using vision, strategy and team building, Biju has grown the companies from start up to multi-million-dollar revenue. At a venture-based company, Biju has worked from the early stages till maturity, where they took the offline business of individual healthcare insurance online. This entity eventually was sold in a billion plus deal.  Biju has also worked at leading global companies heading the software development at multiple levels, including chief architect. In the process honing skills in strategy, team leadership, entrepreneurship, business development, and organizational culture. Biju holds an MBA from Anderson School at UCLA and B.E. from Bangalore University.  Loves to watch good movies. Is passionate about food, gardening and doing good for the world.