Premier and leading provider of a global network of hospitals to multiple insurance companies. Svast helps global insurers reduce their operational costs by providing high quality, economically priced healthcare options in leading hospitals in multiple countries worldwide.

Extensive network of hospitals across various countries available to insurers and their members to reduce costs and enhance the level of care. 

  • On Ground Staff and Member Support
  • Accommodation Arrangements
  • Visa & Travel Assistance
  • Translation & Transportation Services
  • Regular, Transparent Communication and Status Updates with the Insurer

Utilize Svast’s global network of expert surgeons and doctors remotely at affordable prices to provide Second Opinions via our Digital Telemedicine platform for member care and treatment.

  • Ensures Critical Cases are Given Highest Priority
  • Cost/Time Savings from Unnecessary Services and Misdiagnosis
  • Translator Services Provided for Language Support for the Patient
  • Increase Member Confidence, Access Expert Opinions in Days
  • Saves Time for Subsequent Approvals and Procedure Scheduling

Cutting-Edge Digital solutions to streamline approvals, claims processing and billing services, saving time and money for the Insurer.

  • Save Time on Administrative Tasks
  • Streamline Billing and Insurance Claims Processing
  • Reduce Claim Denials and Missed Payments
  • Reduce Paperwork with Digital Communications
  •  Eliminate Fraudulent or Excess Claims


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Medical Travel Services

At Svast, we provide patients and their families with the most advanced medical tourism. We provide treatment at the price, wait time and level of service that meets their needs. We make your entire travel and global healthcare experience stress-free, providing a number of travel services, as well as completely facilitating the medical portion of your journey back to health. Get started today!







Over the past decade, the number of people traveling and seeking medical treatment has increased substantially. Widely known as medical tourism, medical travel, health tourism, or global healthcare tourism; this tourism refers to patients seeking affordable treatment around the globe for all types of medical disease, health conditions, and other ailments. Additionally, medical tourism seeks to combine physical wellness of the patient with leisure and relaxation for the tourist, creating a rejuvenating experience for patients.



Select care type, doctor, procedure or treatment category across city, state or country.


Providers, medical facilities, travel agents, translators, hotels, and insurance.


Plan your entire healthcare journey online with our all-in-one solution,